Review: Deebot X1 Omni delivers a truly hands-off robot vacuum + mop experience

A lot of robotic vacuum cleaners declare to be primarily self-dependent with the assurance of taking control of house cleansing without all the upkeep, though that frequently isn’t the instance when clearing dirt containers and also loading water storage tanks is most of time invested utilizing it. The Deebot X1 Omni asserts the exact same assurance, though it may be the closest we have actually ever before reached a genuinely hands-off experience.


The Deebot X1 Omni from Ecovacs comes as a higher-end robotic vacuum cleaner. Keeping that, you obtain a self-emptying dirt container, a tidy and also filthy water tank, and also a docking terminal that both cleanses and also dries out each wipe pad.

Certainly, to house every one of that takes some property– 22.76 inches of property, to be precise. The base and also docking terminal are huge. Actually, throughout screening, I have actually attempted several times to place waste in the docking terminal merely due to the fact that it looks the same to my trash bin if you scrunch up your eyes. It has the exact same standard elevation and also size, which implies you can pleasantly fit lots of functions and also large storage tanks, though you’ll require devoted room. Thankfully, the size isn’t a lot larger than the majority of various other smaller sized docking terminals around.

What I have actually pertained to value concerning the X1 Omni is the develop of both the vacuum cleaner itself and also the docking terminal. The terminal itself is plain, yet opening up the leading hatch discloses 2 enormous four-liter containers for filthy and also tidy water. In the center, Deebot made some area for a little device container, which can house your cleansing brush, dust blade, and also added wipe pads.

deebot x1 omni vacuum

Initially, I thought that the X1 Omni really did not consist of a dustbin for self-emptying merely due to the fact that it took me a strong min to locate it. Getting to right into the docking terminal and also pushing a little concealed switch discloses a gliding tray. Because tray is where you’ll locate your dustbin, which can stand up to 3 litres of particles. Of what it deserves, I have actually been utilizing the X1 Omni for more than a month and also have not resemble filling out the bag. The suggested adjustment regularity is 2 months, though my existing bag is still much less than midway complete, with cleansing rounds done everyday.

deebot x1 omni vacuum

All-time low of the docking fire station the billing and also cleansing container, which loaded with water to immerse the pads while they revolve and also obtain cleaned. The terminal has a cleansing attribute that enables you to fill up the vacant container with water and also scrub it out, which is a terrific touch.

When it comes to the vacuum cleaner itself, the X1 Omni is tidy and also easy. Deebot had the ability to attain a tidy appearance by choice for a leading cover instead of hatches for dustbin elimination. Keeping that, you can draw the magnetic cover off and also obtain accessibility to the reset switch and also dirt collection. Transform it over, and also you’ll locate magnetic wipe link factors, along with the radial brushes and also roller. While the X1 Omni has some heft to it, it’s simple to value the streamlined style.

Configuration and also navigating

Certainly, with a selection of self-cleaning alternatives and also a huge docking terminal comes a robotic vacuum cleaner that is loaded with functions, several of which aren’t required. In all, there are numerous cleansing settings you can select from when your house is mapped. Mapping just takes a bit and also improves as the vacuum cleaner finds out the ins and also outs of your room.

The X1 Omni take advantage of having AIVI 3D, which is Deebot’s AI-driven cam arrangement. Instead of counting only on LIDAR or various other sensing units, the X1 Omni has a real cam that functions to identify items, such as furnishings, playthings, food, and also also pet poop. Keeping that, the vacuum cleaner has the ability to absorb information and also analyze it right into numerous maps. One is the regular, top-down map, which allows you see and also establish limits. The various other is a complete 3D map, with spotted furnishings made right into presence. Keeping that, you can have the X1 Omni tidy under the furnishings by either asking it to do so with the voice aide or opening up that 3D map in the application.

Directly, I have not discovered much usage in the voice aide or 3D map, yet it might fit demands I’m not seeing.

With a completely mapped home, you’ll have the ability to establish limits in each spotted area. From there, the vacuum cleaner can cleanse by area or a defined location and even be left as much as its very own tools and also pick what requires to be cleaned up. The Vehicle Setting comes in handy considering that it allows you establish a design template for each and every area. That implies each area has its very own suction, wiping, and also regularity setups. Directly, I make use of a day-to-day timetable that has the vacuum cleaner perform at specific times in various locations of my house. This setting exercises completely.

One point to note is that the X1 Omni can not go across the carpeting with the wipe pads mounted. Initially, I thought about this as an offer breaker; nevertheless, I have actually pertained to overcome it. The wipe pads are magnetically connected, which implies you can merely stand out the pads off without also raising the vacuum cleaner. From there, the X1 Omni can enter and also out of anywhere, consisting of high-pile rugs. When the pads are removed, the vacuum cleaner will not try to wipe, undoubtedly. When they’re back in, you can establish the vacuum cleaner to either wipe just or vacuum cleaner and also wipe. Because I frequently leave the pads off, I established the Omni to just wipe when they’re connected. This exercises well considering that the locations that require wiping are often currently vacuumed very first point in the early morning.

Cleaning up efficiency

At its core, the X1 Omni is truly just worth the cost if it can maintain a residence tidy. In the month approximately that I have actually seen it stroll my home, I can with confidence claim that it does a high quality work. With a 5,000 suction at max, carpeting and also plastic floor covering stands no opportunity of keeping dust. The vacuum cleaner complies with a typical pattern of very first describing an area and after that cleansing the internal area, row after row. It overlaps itself frequently, which enhances its cleansing capability.

When wiping, it does the exact same point. I frequently leave the “Deep Cleansing” setting on, which establishes the robotic to run tighter lines. While the attribute makes use of extra water, the vacuum cleaner will certainly constantly run back to the terminal if it requires extra water or its formula informs it that the pads are filthy. That combination implies that the wiping session is constantly finished with a spick-and-span flooring.

Something I have actually pertained to value in the X1 Omni is making use of twin turning pads. While a few other vacuum cleaners make use of a solitary pad that shakes or simply cleans the flooring, the twin pads aid maintain rubbing on the floor covering, and also I have actually discovered that practically any type of tarnish or spill is tidied up with loved one simplicity.

Along that exact same line, I have actually had much less problems with the roller brush than I assumed I would certainly. With a canine that loses lengthy hair, I made sure those hairs would certainly obtain captured in the brush and also roll up right into an outright mess as they have in various other vacuum cleaners. In some way, I was incorrect. Occasionally, there’s a little hair of persistent hair remained the silicone and also bristled brush, yet no rope as I have actually experienced prior to.

deebot x1 omni vacuum

Whatever the procedure is, the X1 Omni vacuum cleaner and also wipe additionally has the battery capability to manage it. An ability of 5,200 mAh may not seem like a great deal for a vacuum cleaner, yet it enables around 6 or 7 areas to be cleaned up prior to it requires to bill. Certainly, it locates the terminal on its own and also fees rapidly, so the battery must never ever truly be a worry.

Challenge evasion implies hands-free vacuuming

While the AI cam may appear a little bit newfangled– something I wished to think– it has actually shown it deserves over and over again. With several various other robotics, I seem like I invest even more time disentangling them from coverings or dropped items than it invests really cleansing. The X1 Omni has actually shown to be a rejuvenating experience, on the other hand.

Keeping that cam and also challenge evasion technology, I have not needed to obtain the robotic totally free greater than a solitary time. It does a great work of preventing virtually anything it may obtain captured in. That also consists of pet poop, which is an unfavorable truth for pup and also pet proprietors. The setups hold an alternative called “Stategic Animal Poop Evasion” in the Smart Cleansing area. That device allows you make it possible for the X1 Omni’s attribute, which dramatically minimizes the opportunity of your vacuum cleaner searching for itself in a gross circumstance. Certainly, the attribute isn’t best and also needs ambient light for it to do correct identifying, so still take care.

deebot x1 omni vacuum

A smooth and also silent procedure

When all the cleansing is done and also the vacuum cleaner heads house to bill, it requires to clear the dustbin and also tidy its wipe pads. While I have actually had some loud vacuum cleaners in the past, the X1 Omni is among the quietest around. Also throughout procedure, the vacuum cleaner does not make way too much sound– a minimum of not when compared to other models.

When it comes to dustbin draining, it fasts and also simple. While it’s not quiet, I have actually listened to a lot even worse. That, coupled with the reduced drone of wipe pad cleansing, the X1 Omni is among the stealthiest vacuum cleaners around.

Attack dog setting?

Besides whatever that the X1 Omni can do and also all the functions it has, there’s one that stands apart a fair bit. The X1 has the capability to make use of that expensive premium cam to function as a safety cam. In the video clip supervisor in the Deebot application, you have the capability to see what the X1 Omni sees. That consists of managing the robotic, having it most likely to a details location, and also also beginning a voice phone call with the cam on wheels.

If you desire, you can take photos and also document video clips, though that asks the inquiry of why. I recognize the requirement for safety and security cams, yet having one in a robotic vacuum cleaner appears like a fascinating option.

Last ideas

All the same, the X1 Omni appears to correct a great deal of the problems I have actually had with various other robotic vacuum cleaners. With a self-emptying container and also water storage tanks, it can declare to be hands-free. Yet in technique, that truly proves out due to its fantastic challenge evasion and also flair for maintaining hair out of its roller brush.

At $999, the X1 Omni does not come economical. Certainly, there are a great deal of various other pricey alternatives around that do not strike the mark of efficiency I have actually discovered with the X1 Omni. If you’re seeking a vacuum cleaner that will really take care of a lot of the job itself and also just needs upkeep each month approximately, the Deebot X1 Omni is possibly among the most effective selections around. It’s either that, or I’m simply opinionated due to the fact that my home is spick-and-span.

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